You love living an international life, but these transitions are exhausting. You want a do-over. You’re relatively new to expat life, and want to get it right the first time.

Before you leave, you’re overwhelmed by everything you have to get done.

  • You’re an experienced international. You’ve moved from the United States, to Thailand, to Germany and back, but it still feels like a logistical nightmare.
  • You’ve taken a new job that requires you to relocate internationally and you have 1000 questions. Your priorities feel all out of whack and you wish you had more direction.
  • You feel guilty that you’re second guessing your choice to make this move. What would your loved ones think if they knew you’re doubting yourself amid this incredible opportunity?

Once you get there, you’re scrambling to adapt.

  • You’ve landed! A rush of excitement envelopes you and then the panic sets in. - “How am I going to entertain the kids all day when my partner is at work?” - “How can I motivate my team? My usual strategies don’t work here.” - “How can I get my life going when I don’t even have a real address yet?”
  • Work and problems are piling up, you have long days and difficulty finding the time or energy to spend with your family.
  • Over time, you start to blame yourself, your partner and your new country for feeling so negative.

Even the pros have a hard time prioritizing, setting up an entirely new life in a new location, and maintaining their most important relationships. An international life can be draining.

It doesn’t have to feel like that.

  • Imagine you knew exactly which problem to attack first and how to approach it.
  • Imagine you had your priorities in order from day one and never had to play catch up.
  • Imagine you had your own purpose moving abroad, outside of your job or your spouse’s job?
  • Imagine you didn’t let the stress get between you and your partner.
  • Imagine you had a community of expats who understood you, and whom you could rely on for support during this overwhelming experience?
  • Imagine your loved ones back home felt close, even though you’re thousands of miles away?

Now is the time for you to make the most of your life abroad.

You want to show up for yourself and for your loved ones in the best possible way, even when things are challenging. You need something that keeps you on track. You want support just in time, right when you need it most - no matter where you are.

Adapt and Succeed will get you there

“This program is great at providing action-based strategies to help me take control of whatever is bothering me rather than feeling like life is spinning out of control” 

- Lisa Ferland - Author of Knocked Up Abroad and

Adapt and Succeed Abroad, created by intercultural strategist and solution-oriented coach Sundae Schneider-Bean, is the most comprehensive and tailored-to-you guide to mastering international transitions out there.

Adapt and Succeed does what no other program available does: It guides you through each major phase adapting to life abroad to proactively reduce overwhelm, confusion, frustration, and disconnect with both colleagues and loved ones. Whether you’re an expat on a corporate assignment, the accompanying partner, living abroad with an NGO or the foreign service, or simply packing up your life every few years to relocate to another country, Adapt and Succeed is here for you.

“Adapt and Succeed Abroad gives you the awareness that the frustrations, irritations etc are not isolated and nor am I the only person experiencing them. No need to reinvent the wheel when moving abroad - here is a neat and tidy package to help you navigate the pitfalls and to be aware of the challenges that are likely to arise.” 

- Mother in globally-mobile family

About the Creator of Adapt and Succeed Abroad Sundae Schneider-Bean is an international strategist and solution-oriented coach who has experienced the challenges of life abroad first-hand since 1998. In 2016, alone, Sundae and her family lived in three different countries. Through her years of experience working with international clients and expats from around the world, she has developed proven strategies to minimize time to adapt and maximize one’s success and satisfaction abroad.

“Sundae gets it and she has a plan for how to help.”

Adapt and Succeed is delivered to you in a simple, easy to understand package.

Just-in-time support that covers what most corporate pre-departure training glosses over.

20 videos delivered in five learning modules, that you can watch in 15 minutes or less to solve whatever transition stress you’re facing right this second.

No matter where you are in your transition, you can jump to any module to get expert support at any time.

A private Facebook group that gives you access to free monthly training based on your most burning questions directly from the creator of Adapt and Succeed.

The ability to connect with a community of other expats that can support you, encourage you and help you thrive during your most trying moments.

  • Are you concerned about your family, your spouse, your children adjusting well?
  • As a spouse, are you internalizing your feelings because you know your partner is buried at work, and you don’t want to add stress?
  • Are you bored sitting at home while your partner runs the world with their business?
  • Do you miss your friends and family back home so much you’re thinking of cutting your assignment short?
  • Are you beginning to resent your job, your partner, or the country that you’re in?
  • Do you feel fatigued just thinking about getting up again tomorrow in a country that doesn’t feel like home?

It’s normal to have doubts, second guess yourself and crave direction, support and clarity. But you don’t have to figure this all out on your own!

Fast-track your happiness and success with Adapt and Succeed Abroad!

You’re a smart, savvy, international. It’s about time you started taking real steps to reduce the strain on your transition, get organized before you go, take action in alignment with your highest priorities once you land, feel confident in your intercultural interactions and be fueled by purpose while you’re abroad. You’re ready to tackle it all, and keep your loved ones happy while you do it.

You can’t afford to miss this opportunity.

The kind of support you’ll gain with Adapt and Succeed doesn’t exist in a comprehensive, easy to use, easy-to-collaborate style package anywhere else.

Your Investment  

Bronze Package  

Lifetime access to the course Adapt & Succeed Abroad Step-by-step transition guide, PLUS bonus resources + Live Q&A calls with Sundae (quarterly) Access to an engaged online expat community  

Total Value = USD $1997 Your Investment = USD $997 Payment plan available for as low as $167/mo  

Silver Package 

Everything in the Bronze Package + Personalized support over six months, including: 4 live group trainings via Zoom with Sundae Exclusive access to the video recording of each training session Built-in accountability and support from a private group of engaged expats Total Value = USD $2997 Your Investment = USD $1997 Payment plan available for as low as $167/mo Email: to reserve your seat

Gold Package  

Everything in the Bronze Package + Highly-personalized support over six months, including: 4 live group trainings via Zoom 4 one-to-one private coaching sessions Personalized feedback on your transition-guide assignments Built-in accountability and support from a highly-motivated private group of expats  

Total Value = USD $5997 Your Investment = USD $4997 Payment plan available for as low as $500/mo Email: to reserve your seat  

“Adapt and Succeed gives you more grip and direction to deal with struggles.”

- Dutch entrepreneur in the UK

“I can use this myself transitioning back to the US - likely the hardest transition of all.”

- American Foreign Service Spouse in East Asia

“People feel most depressed when they don't see a solution and Adapt and Succeed offers a lot of action-oriented steps that provide immediate relief while working on a long term solution”

- First-time expat in Europe long-term

“Get it! Whether a first time mover or a serial mover there is advice, insight and wisdom from someone who has personally experienced each and every emotion involved in moving abroad.”

- Serial expat currently in Asia

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