A 5-Day Challenge:

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The mid-year energy shot we all need RIGHT NOW.



The Boost Challenge

Light effort. Heavy impact.

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

You can’t believe it’s mid-year already because the first half of 2021 went by in a total blur. You’ve spent the past (too many!) months wading through an oxymoronic soup of uncertainty and monotony.

There’s so much you wanted to accomplish by this point. But it takes everything in you to get even some of your to-do list done.

You’re just drained. Even after a good night’s sleep and (how many???) espressos, you still feel like you’re wearing lead boots, can’t concentrate, and languish in apathy.

Here’s your decaffeinated perk-up so that you can attack the second half of this year with reinvigorated focus.

  • You’re aware yet dragging. You want to infuse fresh energy into the next 6 months, but after everything you’ve been through, you need some extra support.
  • You’re determined yet momentumless. You want to gain traction to maximize the second half of this year, no matter what it throws at you.
  • You’re fed up yet unfocused. You want to take control over negative thoughts and know that a new mind space will completely change the rest of 2021.

You don’t need dramatic exertion you don’t have -- you just need to fire up some propulsion, scale your effort smarter, and harness the power of a BOOST.

THIS is your chance to put an end to stagnation and negativity, lean into community, and get on a different frequency with THE BOOST 2021!

Join Intercultural Strategist Sundae Bean  

and other expats worldwide in this FREE, 100% online challenge!

Small steps. Big gains.

“What I’m looking for is not out there, it is in me.” ― Helen Keller

For 5 days, intercultural strategist and solution-oriented coach, Sundae Schneider-Bean will go live to announce a theme-based challenge and provide a paired lesson with bonus coaching for the day’s topic. Then, you’ll have 23 hours to report your progress. (And yes, there will be prizes – winners are revealed at the top of next day’s call.)

The BOOST Challenge is 100% FREE, completely online, with zero strings attached.

  • Get daily inspirational teachings from Sundae designed to kick-start progress and thrust you ahead on your goals.
  • Join group calls for a deep dive into each theme for coaching, community, and all-important accountability.
  • Complete powerful micro-assignments and report your successes, stumbles, and questions back to the group.

Can’t make it? No problem! We’ll email you the recordings, so you won’t miss a beat!

This is an incredible opportunity to get Sundae's expert, highly-sought-after coaching at NO COST. Plus, you'll make valuable connections with other expats just like you.


Little action. Large traction.

“Your energy introduces you even before you even speak.” - Author Unknown

Like a caffeine high without the crash, THE BOOST is here to help you reclaim the year.

Here’s a sneak peek at the week’s events:

Day One - FOCUS BOOST: Clear out the fog, silence the noise, and steer your attention to where it matters.

Day Two - MINDSET BOOST: Hit the delete button on negative thinking and install positive patterns.

Day Three - ENERGY BOOST: Discover fresh and unexpected ways you can generate more energy.

Day Four - RELATIONSHIP BOOST: Zone in on relationships that need TLC and make a rescue plan.

Day Five - IMPACT BOOST: Listen to your inner voice and let it direct you to your passion with punch.

WARNING: Side effects from joining this challenge will include more energy, increased self-esteem, checkmarks on your to-do list, a stronger sense of community, and an inability to stop smiling.

You can’t do anything about the first half of the year, but the rest of 2021 is yours to win or lose. What do you choose?

Ready to BOOST your 2021? We are too. Join us.

Expats on Purpose - what members are saying:

“I want to say thank you to some people in this group. Firstly, and obviously, Sundae for creating it in the first place. This group is something really special, full of talented and unique people, and it's a privilege to be in it." - Carol. H

“You are amazing and inspirational! Thank you for all the work that you are doing to support women all over the world, to become a better version they're meant to be. Feeling grateful." - Rachel. D

“There's something for everyone, whether you think you've got this expat thing mastered or you're just starting out. Sundae really nails all the nitty gritty of crossing cultures, regardless of what sector you represent or what kind of expat life you live." - Lovepat in Italy

Intercultural Strategist - Sundae Bean 

Sundae is an intercultural strategist, life transition facilitator and solution-oriented coach. She supports women as they navigate through (and flourish beyond!) life quakes and other major shifts in their personal journey - no matter where they are.

For almost a decade, Sundae’s location-independent business has served individuals and world-class organizations from over 60 countries across six continents. Her primary focus is to help women up-level their relationships, health, business, or whatever is most meaningful to them.

Serving as both their kite and their rock, Sundae proudly flanks her clients as they transform from quietly wilting due to years of deteriorated self-confidence into strong, secure women who exemplify a life of wholeness. Sundae has sat by the side of women who sacrificed their careers, lost husbands, launched new businesses, divorced, moved away, came out, returned home, or simply felt stuck.

As their advisor and trusted companion, she witnessed these women create purpose, reclaim their power, discover their rightful self-worth, and soar from deep liberation and joy. In fact, under her mentorship, many clients go on to establish their own coaching practice and pay the knowledge forward.

Sundae leads several online groups with thousands of members and hosts the popular weekly podcast Expat Happy Hour. Rated number one in Places & Travel, Expat Happy Hour has reached every corner of the globe, frequently landing in the overall top 5% of most listened to podcasts.

From the personal side, Sundae is a woman in her 40s who is a daughter, sister, mother, wife, and friend. American by birth, Swiss by marriage, and expat in South Africa by choice, she has lived in multiple countries across three continents while raising two cross-cultural children (often as a solo-parent) and navigating a bi-national marriage.

Sundae is committed to anti-racism work, a supporter of female-led businesses, and an advocate challenging the broken toxic systems that no longer serve us. A woman of many passions yet little spare time, Sundae carves non-negotiable self-care space to run, box, read nonfiction, cook badly, and play.

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