A complete, industry-proven, turnkey coaching solution for professionals serving expats.

  • Are you a newly certified coach trying to establish yourself? 
  • Are you a seasoned coach struggling to get ahead in an inundated industry?  
  • Are you a licensed health or wellness specialist abroad? 
  • Are you an accredited expert interested in expanding your offerings?  

If yes, then let’s team-up! I’m partnering with a few exceptional professionals to transform their confidence, coaching practices, and bank accounts!

If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later! ― Richard Branson


*Please note that applying doesn’t commit either of us.

  • You’re frustrated because you feel you’re wasting time and money creating content that doesn’t grab attention. 
  • You’re ho-hum about your products and services because they seem invisible in an oversaturated market. 
  • You’re insecure about your business operations because you’re not confident they’re efficient. 
  • You’re tired of the solopreneur grind because you can’t get ahead and need a breakthrough. FAST.  

The tectonic shift you’ve been waiting for is right here... 

Join my growing global community of Adapt & Succeed instructors:

I'll swarm you with compelling content, resources, and support, so you’ll eliminate the marketing guessing game, bypass the operational pain, and skip to the good stuff.

Adapt & Succeed is the ultimate guide for mastering international transitions. Unlike any other program available, Adapt & Succeed offers comprehensive, customized solutions for each major step of relocation.

You’ll robustly prepare your clients for their move, arrival, adjustment, and beyond. And when challenges surface -- and they will -- you’ll quickly find the answer in Adapt & Succeed. So, you can seamlessly support your clients, step-by-step, wherever they need it most, right on time.

You’ll leverage Adapt & Succeed to reinforce your coaching competence with your local and online client base.

You'll practice your craft with conviction, knowing you have an international network of pros by your side.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, breaking your back creating and testing content like crazy.

I’ve already built a successful business with content that works, and I’m assembling a mighty team to take my tools and share it with their community!

By learning methods I’ve already tested and confirmed, you’ll save time, money, and disappointment.

  • Boost confidence ~ you’re backed by a respected industry veteran, and armed with material you can trust. 
  • Boost know-how ~ I’ll teach you the art and science of operating a successful coaching practice for globally mobile individuals.
  • Boost security ~ you’ve got me, and the other coalition members, in your corner with support on standby. 
  • Boost revenue ~ increase profits through your exclusive Adapt & Succeed licensing access.  

Expat Coach Coalition is location independent, launch-ready, and red-tape free.

  • Reach MORE clients 
  • Perform MORE meaningful work 
  • Gain MORE operationally efficiencies 
  • Earn MORE revenue  

Make an immediate impact with your clients. Expat Coach Coalition is your shortcut to success.

The sure way to miss success is to miss the opportunity - Victor Chasles

*Please note that applying doesn’t commit either of us.

Let me give you all the ingredients and guidance behind my proven formula and designate you a certified Adapt & Succeed practitioner.  

Benefit from my 20+ years of experience.  

Enjoy the security of dependable strategies, support, and confidence that comes with joining a community of experts. 

I know what works with globally mobile people and I’m ready to:

Teach you Adapt & Succeed so you can spread the methodology to your client base. 

Lead you through operating an efficiently administered, profitable coaching business. 

Show you how to better serve culturally, and keep coaching even in challenging circumstances. 

Give you tried-and-tested content that resonates with an international audience.  

Partner with a methodology you can trust, be proud of, and that can provide you with financial independence for years to come -- regardless of where you live! 

Coach yourself through your own roadblocks as you coach your clients through their challenges.

Here’s a taste of the curriculum:

 The Art of Coaching Globally Mobile Individuals

Module 1: Adaptation Starts Before You Go ~ Culture smarts, leaving cleanly, and arriving prepared

Module 2: What To Do Right Away ~ Cataloguing and prioritizing action steps once landed, and coping with “incompetence”

Module 3: The Road To Adaptation Is Set By You ~ Debunking common myths, and fostering resilience

Module 4: Meaningful Connections (At Home And Abroad) ~ Nurturing relationships back home and locally

Module 5: Find Your Purpose Abroad! ~ Creating a purpose strategy, staying accountable, and recognizing success

 ***Plus, bonus resources.*** 

 The Science of Operating Your Coaching Business 

Module A: Big Questions ~ Understanding your angles

Module B: The Face of Your Business ~ What your clients see and feel  

Module C: The Voice of Your Business ~ Your messaging  

Module D: The Heart of Your Business ~ Loving your people 

Module E: The Legs of Your Business ~ Program path 

Module F: The Skeleton of Your Business ~ Structures and systems 

Module G: The Muscles of Your Business ~ Self-care and endurance

**Plus, bonus resources.*** 

Your investment includes:

  • The knowledge and strategies required to operate a durable and profitable coaching business which caters to globally mobile individuals. 
  • The material and skills to coach expat strategy from a 360-degree perspective. 
  • The rights to sell and teach Adapt & Succeed as an officially licensed practitioner. 
  • The option to acquire additional certification by Sundae Bean, LLC and further intensify your legitimacy in the international coaches’ sphere.  

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door - Milton Berle



*Please note that applying doesn’t commit either of us.



After more than a decade of working with expats, I have a unique behind-the-curtain view of what people just like you struggle with, things that you do not openly share at pick up and drop off, in the meeting room, or even at your kitchen counter. I understand how easily you can feel like you’ve lost your confidence, clarity, or sense of purpose and wish you were doing more to make an impact in your own life, your business or the lives of others.  

The last ten years of my professional life as an intercultural strategist and solution-oriented coach comes with a strong track record of results. I work with you to create changes in your business that you can see and feel, like finally knowing how you want to serve, to finding more balance between your work and family, to stopping negative self-talk, to surpassing your revenue goals in your business, and more.  

And from the personal side, my clients trust me knowing that I have run my entire business while living abroad and draw upon my disparate experiences in Switzerland, the United States, Burkina Faso and most recently South Africa. I get what it means to be in a bi-national marriage, raise Cross-Cultural/Third Culture Kids, and run a thriving location-independent business.  

I'm ready to get you more clarity, more confidence, and more cash for your business - no matter where you are. 

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