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Attention all active and aspiring coaches!

  • Is your coaching practice stuck in inertia, and you don’t know how to shift it into a dependable money-maker?
  • Has your profession been railroaded by the pandemic, and you need to adapt it to the virtual, post-COVID world?
  • Have you felt called to help others by sharing a unique perspective you’ve gained through your life experience abroad?
  • Do you have an educational background that wasn’t a fit IRL but would make an excellent foundation for coaching?
  • Are you the motivator, the uncomplicator, the solution-finder, and the voice of reason everyone circles for advice?

For anyone who wants to achieve coaching success working with other expats, this is a can’t miss look inside the engine of sundaebean.com.

You’ll get rare insights and proven tools in the art and business of coaching from a veteran with over a decade of experience.

All completely free and accessible online.


“A good coach can change a game; a great coach can change a life.” — John Wooden.

Expats have been underserved for far too long. Now, they need additional resources to help them navigate these uncertain times.

The demand for company culture support and personal development is at an all-time high. Coaching has become a multi-billion dollar industry; 60% of organizations worldwide partner with a coach.  

In this unprecedented expat coaching business expose, you’ll learn from experts with decades of experience how to:

  • Gain new coaching tools 
  • Boost your industry know-how
  • Beat imposter syndrome
  • Sell without feeling sleazy
  • Avoid common solopreneur traps

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  • Workshop 1: Expat Coach Coalition Graduate Spotlight ~ Angie Weinberger

Angie discusses "International Assignment and Global Recruiting Failure on the Rise - What you can do as an expat partner to still make your global move work."

  • Workshop 2: Sundae’s Success Secrets ~ Part 1 of 2

Sundae’s best-practice for preventing regret and curing expat homesickness. PLUS 3 things you have to stop doing if you want to build a portable, 6-figure business. 

  • Workshop 3: Expat Coach Coalition Graduate Spotlight ~Susan Shirley

Susan shares her top tips on how to lead and communicate in cross-cultural teams.

  • Workshop 4: Sundae’s Success Secret ~ Part 2 of 2

Sundae’s tested coaching method to prevent burn out or backslides. PLUS business-booster strategies for offering your service “ick-free.”

  • Workshop 5: Expat Coach Coalition Graduate Spotlight ~ Nancy Wigglesworth 

Nancy’s truth-telling on the realities of being a lovepat and how to make it work for you.

“Let me fall if I must fall. The one I become will catch me.” — Baal Shem

Did we mention these workshops are 100% FREE?

Similar sessions with Sundae cost thousands of dollars.

For over 10 years, her advice, camaraderie, and profound understanding shift the perspective and experience of struggling expats worldwide.




After more than a decade of working with expats, I have a unique behind-the-curtain view of what people just like you struggle with, things that you do not openly share at pick up and drop off, in the meeting room, or even at your kitchen counter. I understand how easily you can feel like you’ve lost your confidence, clarity, or sense of purpose and wish you were doing more to make an impact in your own life, your business or the lives of others. The last ten years of my professional life as an intercultural strategist and solution-oriented coach comes with a strong track record of results. I work with you to create changes in your business that you can see and feel, like finally knowing how you want to serve, to finding more balance between your work and family, to stopping negative self-talk, to surpassing your revenue goals in your business, and more.  

And from the personal side, my clients trust me knowing that I have run my entire business while living abroad and draw upon my disparate experiences in Switzerland, the United States, Burkina Faso and most recently South Africa. I get what it means to be in a bi-national marriage, raise Cross-Cultural/Third Culture Kids, and run a thriving location-independent business. I'm ready to get you more clarity, more confidence, and more cash for your business - no matter where you are.

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