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  • Newly certified coaches trying to establish themselves 
  • Seasoned coaches struggling to get ahead in an inundated industry  
  • Licensed health or wellness specialists abroad  
  • Global mobility professionals  
  • Accredited experts interested in expanding your offerings 

THIS is your chance at more meaningful work, and the ability to amplify the impact you’re making in the lives of those you serve. Break free of stagnancy, raise confidence and profits, and fast-track your success.  

Global mobility is at an all-time high, yet there’s a lack of quality support available to expats. They’re perpetually underserved and left to fend for themselves. This simple truth sparked my business many years ago, but the need is so vast (and growing), I can’t fulfill it alone.  

It’s time for us to come together to solve this problem, and we need you on our team. 

I’m about to announce my brand NEW program, which I created to partner with talented professionals just like you. Sign up right here and be the first to know more about it!

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Sneak Peek - We'll cover two coaching hot topics in each session.  

Attend one or both workshops comfortably from your computer. If you can’t make it live, workshops will be recorded and made available to you via email. 


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Art of Coaching: Preventing Top Talent Loss

Business of Coaching: Offering Your Services Ick-Free  

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This brand new program I’m about to announce is your accelerator to success.  

Through this turn-key opportunity, I’ll take you under my wing and teach you the skills and tools you’ll need to run a profitable, sustainable coaching business in a global context.  

I’ve spent years building a successful enterprise using material that works with globally mobile individuals.

You’ll have the confidence and strategies to grow your business and break through the status quo. You’ll have my support, plus the other coaches behind you 100% of the way. You’ll be backed by a brand trusted in the industry, armed with resources proven to resonate with an international audience.  

You can’t lose. 

I’ve built this program so we could amalgamate a global super-force of individuals. Together, we’ll impact more people and help them make the most of their life abroad. 

You’ll learn the tools to seamlessly support your clients, step-by-step, through any transition. Whenever they need you most -- you’ll be there with new solutions.  

Join me, and let’s reach new levels of success together in 2020 and beyond.  



After more than a decade of working with expats, I have a unique behind-the-curtain view of what people just like you struggle with, things that you do not openly share at pick up and drop off, in the meeting room, or even at your kitchen counter. I understand how easily you can feel like you’ve lost your confidence, clarity, or sense of purpose and wish you were doing more to make an impact in your own life, your business or the lives of others.  

The last ten years of my professional life as an intercultural strategist and solution-oriented coach comes with a strong track record of results. I work with you to create changes in your business that you can see and feel, like finally knowing how you want to serve, to finding more balance between your work and family, to stopping negative self-talk, to surpassing your revenue goals in your business, and more.  

And from the personal side, my clients trust me knowing that I have run my entire business while living abroad and draw upon my disparate experiences in Switzerland, the United States, Burkina Faso and most recently South Africa. I get what it means to be in a bi-national marriage, raise Cross-Cultural/Third Culture Kids, and run a thriving location-independent business.  

I'm ready to get you more clarity, more confidence, and more cash for your business - no matter where you are. 

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