These last few months have sucked. Huge.

Spring has gone by in a fog of chaos and your expat life that once was globally mobile is now on standby. What needs to change within us and in the world is staring us straight in the face.

The good news?

2020 is ONLY half over...

"The greatest power you possess in life is your understanding that life gives you a fresh start any moment you choose." - Guy Finley

  • You’re exhausted. Tired and defeated because you don’t seem to accomplish anything of substance.
  • You’re spinning. There are causes you feel passionate about but you’re struggling to take meaningful action.
  • You’re over-introverting. Meaningful relationships get taken for granted and connecting with your people feels like a chore.
  • You’re disimpassioned. Things that would generally light you up feel like they don’t matter so much anymore.
  • You’re frumpy. Slacking on self-care, replacing healthy habits with bad ones, and dreading your bland daily workouts.

Every day feels like Groundhog Day

You're either living in the past, lamenting on how it “should” be, or waiting for the future, wishing things would be better.

You've idled for long enough. It is time to do things differently.

Get ready to saturate your life with FRESH!

Join Intercultural Strategist Sundae Bean  

and other expats worldwide in this FREE, 100% online challenge!


"Fresh activity is the only means of overcoming adversity." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

For 5 days, Sundae will announce a daily theme. Your challenge is to complete one or more of her recommended tasks designed to pull you into FRESH action and energy. This is your catalyst to show up and create change.

Each morning, once Sundae reveals the focal point, it’s GAME ON! You’ll get inspirational content throughout the day, as Sundae keeps you on target with mind-fueling reFRESHments. Then, you’ll report your successes and stumbles back to the group.

AND, as a MASSIVE bonus, you’ll get free coaching from Sundae in her live, daily Q&A. Can’t make it? No problem! We’ll email you the recording after, so you won’t miss a beat.


"Regardless of how badly you handled yesterday, today provides a fresh opportunity to do things right!" - Richard Blackaby

No more sitting around stuck on pause.

This is your play button. Use it.

Shift Monday: Disrupt your routines for FRESH energy.

Mind Tuesday: Interrupt your self-talk for FRESH thoughts.

Voice Wednesday: Fight for a cause with FRESH action.

Heart Thursday: Love on your people for FRESH connection.

Focus Friday: Focus on what is most important for FRESH impact.

Let’s pick up the broken pieces, regain control of what we can, and look at things in a FRESH new light.

Living physically apart is nothing new for our globally mobile community. Now’s our time to prove what we can accomplish when expats from all over the world come together.

Expats on Purpose - what members are saying:

“You know what I love about this group the most? Everyone is so supportive of each other. I'm really glad I found this group." - Jennifer. K

“I want to say thank you to some people in this group. Firstly, and obviously, Sundae for creating it in the first place. This group is something really special, full of talented and unique people, and it's a privilege to be in it." - Carol. H

“You are amazing and inspirational! Thank you for all the work that you are doing to support women all over the world, to become a better version they're meant to be. Feeling grateful." - Rachel. D

Intercultural Strategist - Sundae Bean 

After more than a decade of working with expats, I have a unique behind-the-curtain view of what people just like you struggle with, things that you do not openly share at pick up and drop off, in the meeting room, or even at your kitchen counter. I understand how easily you can feel like you’ve lost your confidence, clarity, or sense of purpose and wish you were doing more to make an impact in your own life, your business, or the lives of others.       

I work with you to create changes in your life that you can see and feel, like finally knowing what you want, to sticking with an exercise routine, to stopping negative self-talk, to stating what your needs are in your most intimate relationships, to surpassing your revenue goals in your business and more.      

And from the personal side, my clients trust me knowing that I have lived abroad most of my adult life and draw upon my disparate experiences in Switzerland, the United States, Burkina Faso, and most recently South Africa. I get what it means to be in a bi-national marriage, raise Cross-Cultural/Third Culture Kids, and run a thriving location-independent business.      

I'm ready to get you more clarity, more confidence, more connection - no matter where you are. I am here to bring FRESH to the rest of 2020.

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