Global Parenting Mastermind

Give the best to your global family without losing yourself.

4 months of support that will last a lifetime. Pure focus. Proven strategies. Parenting on Purpose.

Drop the worry that you’re screwing up your kids because you live abroad. Start taking action to be the parent you've always wanted to be.  

What my clients have to say... “My mood has been up, and my yelling has been down.” “Now I get it is about being proactive, for me.” “I am clear on boundaries.” “My husband just told me that I’m in a better mood today than I’ve been in a long time #win.“  



Are you raising kids abroad and secretly wonder whether you are doing enough to: 

  • Help them through the tough transitions, 
  • Stay connected with friends and family afar, 
  • Embrace your cultural values while also teach them about local culture, 
  • And truly be present so you don't miss this golden time with them? 

You love your life abroad but you do have moments where you question yourself or even feel guilty about raising your kids abroad when you see them struggle.  

The Global Parenting Experience is your bridge to get crystal clarity on your top priorities, meet your family's needs, and reclaim yourself

Get clear on what it means to YOU to be a better parent - and learn strategies so you don’t get lost along with way:  

Take back control  

Be more present

Feel less guilt 

Be more confident in your strategies 

Create connection with loved ones near and far 

Find purpose outside of being a parent or a spouse

Make YOU a priority.  

More of what my clients have to say... “I know what I want, I know when to say no and yes, how to communicate it, and how to stop working too much.” “I feel a lot more positive about how to define my own needs.” “I recognize that I have much more to offer outside of being a mother.“  

For 4 months, this program brings together a group of experienced expats and me -- a solution-oriented coach who gets the challenges expat life and raising Third Culture Kids. We'll work closely together, motivate each other and raise the bar on how we show up for ourselves and our families. 

Families and parenting styles differ vastly across family and culture. This program is about uncovering the parenting approach that helps you and your family flourish while rediscovering YOU. 

The Global Parenting on Purpose Program is about helping you unlock your answers to create positive transformation in a supportive environment.  

The Global Parenting on Purpose Program will arm you with tools and strategies so that you can:  

  • Focus on YOUR health & wellbeing so you can be more present with your children  
  • Feel confident in your strategies to support in transition 
  • Find more joy, even with a hectic routine 
  • Navigate intercultural challenges 
  • Show up as a role model to your children
  • Regain a sense of purpose  


Through industry-leading coaching and proven resources, Sundae Schneider-Bean helps expats fast-track adaptation, create meaningful connections, and expedite success. She is your go-to person for getting unstuck and moving forward with intention.  

We’ve got your back  

Be part of a community who “gets it,” test out new strategies, and let us cheer you on every step of the way. Everything at your fingertips to design your ideal parenting abroad journey.  

Got Goals?

The likelihood of achieving your goals increases to 65% when you pair up with an accountability partner. Add in a routine meeting time and that number skyrockets to 95%.  

Get ready! 

With us in your corner, you'll accomplish more than you've ever thought possible.  

“My relationship with my girls is getting better everyday and we are having more fun! ...and my exercise is still on track… These are massive changes.” “It is so nice to have someone who gets it.”  

Pure focus. Proven strategies. Parenting on Purpose.  

This experience will impact everything.

  • What you model to your children 
  • How you take care of yourself (so you can best support your family) 
  • Your level of confidence that you’re doing your best 
  • How you connect with your loved ones  
  • The energy and focus you have each day  


4-months of high-impact support:

  • 6 purpose-packed challenges to get you into action.
  • 6 group calls chock-full of proven strategies, laser-like focus, hot seats, and camaraderie 
  • 6 live Q&A sessions in a private group 
  • 1 private coaching with Sundae to make sure you are on track
  • 4 months of continuous support in a private Facebook community  


Group coaching, peer-to-peer accountability, individual coaching, Q&A sessions, and access to bonus materials at your fingertips.  

Apply Now.

(Applying doesn’t commit you to working together.) 

It is time to: 

  • Learn how to name your needs and get what you want 
  • Stop doing everything for everyone, and start doing more for YOU (guilt-free) 
  • Exchange feeling like a doormat for feeling steadfast and empowered 
  • Reclaim your time even in complicated transitions 
  • Lose the heaviness from your endless “To-Do” list 
  • Put purpose (outside of being a parent or spouse) back on your agenda  

Trust me, this is just the beginning.  

This program is your bridge to giving the best to your global family without losing yourself.  

We're excited to see you.

Apply Now.

(Applying doesn’t commit you to working together.) 

Secure a spot with a deposit of 997 CHF. Payment plans are available.  

About Sundae Schneider-Bean

After more than a decade of working with expats, I have a unique behind-the-curtain view of what people just like you struggle with, things that you do not openly share at pick up and drop off, in the meeting room, or even at your kitchen counter. I understand how easily you can second guess yourself as a parent and get lost as you support your family in transitions.  

The last ten years of my professional life as an intercultural strategist and solution-oriented coach comes with a strong track record of results. I work with you to create changes in your life that you can see and feel, like finally knowing what you want, to sticking with an exercise routine, to stopping negative self-talk, to stating what your needs are in your most intimate relationships, to keeping more than one culture alive in a multicultural family, and more.  

And from the personal side, my clients trust me knowing that I have lived abroad most of my adult life and draw upon my disparate experiences in Switzerland, the United States, Burkina Faso and most recently South Africa. I get what it means to be in a bi-national marriage, raise Cross-Cultural/Third Culture Kids, and run a thriving location-independent business.  

I'm ready to help you get pure focus, test proven strategies and do more to parent on purpose.  

“Thank you for all of the work that you are doing to support women all over the world to become a better version of themselves, or rather the version they were mean to be!”  

(Applying doesn’t obligate you to commit to working together.)

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