Stop Feeling Guilty About Raising Your Kids Abroad

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What Others Are Saying About Working With Sundae!

What I liked best about working with you is your energy, enthusiasm and ABSOLUTE BELIEF in me. But mostly that you have proved to me and shown me how to prove to myself what my capabilities are, no hot-air, no platitudes, just always very open and honest responses.

EV - Japan

Before the coaching program I felt lost. Often I felt depressed because my husband was the one who left the house and I was "just" the full-time mom. I started to hate it here. Now, as a result of the program, I enjoy the positive moments here. I have lost weight and feel healthy and strong. I can say "no" to friends and family if I don't feel comfortable with something.


In spite of chaos, I can't believe how much better I can manage things by returning to what grounds me, identifying what my needs are, challenging my fears, and then maintaining some distance from things. Wow, loving it. I feel so clean." YEAR OF TRANSFORMATION GRADUATE