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STARTS 8 April 2022


Take back control. Love your life again. Work your passion.

It’s been a WTF kind of year and it’s only April. Many of us expected 2022 to be a new start, or at least, “Back to normal”. But 2022 is not the recovery we hoped for. We’ve gone from pandemic to a war and it feels like we are finally realizing we need to expect the unexpected.

No wonder morale is shaky everywhere, we have endured some of the biggest life quakes from these past two turbulent years. On top of that, it has hit the globally mobile community in unique ways.

Fair enough, but we cannot allow everything in our lives to come to a standstill - again.
We are going through a global transformation, and we have an opportunity to shape how outside events influence our wellbeing, our personal lives, and our work.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Of course, your energy is waning when everything feels so uncertain. And that’s precisely why you don’t have the luxury of being sloppy with your strategies.

Get global life anchors from seasoned expat coaches.

It’s time to take back control where possible and empower yourself with the proper support and resources so that you can lead yourself and others through the unsteady times.

THIS is for ALL Active & Aspiring Coaches!

  • Are you a seasoned coach wanting to get ahead in an inundated industry?
  • Are you a licensed psychologist unable to practice due to local regulations?
  • Are you an entrepreneur working with globally mobile individuals?
  • Are you a newly certified coach trying to establish yourself?

You need a community that lifts you up, tools to run a business during difficult times, and meaningful work that fills you with joy, pride, and satisfaction. The globally mobile community needs professionals willing to shine off each other’s skills and strengths to help expats navigate their struggles in ever-changing times.

Ask yourself these three questions:
1) What are your superpowers?
2) How can you help yourself and others using those superpowers?
3) Why aren’t you doing it yet?

Industry-Leading Professionals United by Our Passion for Serving Expats.

This is NOT going to be some “bury your head in the sand and pretend like everything’s okay” toxic positivity series.

This IS for anyone who wants to gain tried-and-tested tools to help themselves and other expats get through the tough stuff.

All completely free and accessible online.

I’m ready for more!

“A good coach can change a game; a great coach can change a life.” — John Wooden.

Whether you Need a Fresh Start, a Gentle Push, or a Complete Breakthrough.

Those living globally mobile lives have been impacted in sometimes obvious and oftentimes subtle but deeply challenging ways due to Covid. Now more than ever, they need additional resources to help them navigate these uncertain times.

The demand for company culture support and personal development is at an all-time high. Coaching has become a multi-billion dollar industry; 60% of organizations worldwide partner with a coach.

  • You’re DONE settling for less
  • You’re DONE feeling out of control
  • You’re DONE letting circumstances hold you back
  • You’re DONE waiting for things to get better to move forward

This is your chance to learn industry secrets from Sundae and her team of experts. Grab proven material that you can use to help yourself personally and professionally get through the unsteady times. Plus, learn more about Expat Coach Coalition - a global community of professionals serving expats with excellence.

Let's start looking after each other now.

Sign-up now and secure access to all 9 FREE sessions held throughout April.

Attend one, join them all, or watch the recordings at your convenience (we’ll email them to you after each session).

  • Session 0: The Steady Series Kickoff ~ Sundae Schneider-Bean, Founder of the IN TRANSIT Hub community, host of Top 5% globally ranked podcast IN TRANSIT with Sundae Bean
  • Session 1: The Founder’s Story: What we can learn from believing in steady ~ Joined by the Founder of The Global Menopause Community and Expat Coach Coalition graduate, Jane Ordaz.
  • Session 2: How to bring harmony to a polarized world with Expat Coach Coalition Graduate ~ Sylvia Gonner, CultureWiz.
  • Session 3: How to stabilize yourself as a solo expat with Expat Coach Coalition Graduate ~ Barbora Gemmelova, The Solo Expat Mentor
  • Session 4: "Latte & Learn": Anchor your support in solid tools for coaching ~ Intercultural Strategist Sundae Schneider-Bean
  • Session 5: How to not lose yourself in uncertain times with Expat Coach Coalition Graduate ~ Pauline Alberts, Life & Leadership Coach.
  • Session 6: Truths, assumptions, opinions, perceptions and lies: How to have difficult conversations in difficult times with Expat Coach Coalition Graduate ~ Sheila Karwal, Global Mobility Facilitator and Trainer.
  • Session 7: "Latte & Learn": Anchoring yourself for long-term business success ~ Intercultural Strategist Sundae Schneider-Bean  
  • Session 8: Unshaken in uncertain times: How to rely on your faith in times of transition with Expat Coach Coalition Graduate ~ Julianna Overmeyer, Christian Expat Adventure.
  • Session 9: How to design a space where you feel grounded and fully fit in with Expat Coach Coalition Graduate ~ Nic Pinguet, A Home Worth Having.

“Let me fall if I must fall. The one I become will catch me.” — Baal Shem

Did we mention these sessions are 100% FREE?

Similar sessions with Sundae cost thousands of dollars.

For over 10 years, her advice, camaraderie, and profound understanding shift the perspective and experience of struggling expats worldwide.




I am an intercultural strategist, a transformation facilitator, and a solution-oriented coach. I support women as they navigate through (and flourish beyond!) life quakes and other major shifts in their personal journey - no matter where they are.

For almost a decade, my location-independent business has served individuals and world-class organizations from over 60 countries across six continents. My mission is to help women up-level their relationships, health, business, or whatever is most meaningful to them.

I am the founder of Expat Coach Coalition, a diverse group of exceptional solopreneurs working remotely from every corner of the world. We fuse our individual superpowers into one international coaching dream fleet.

It is my honor to lead several online groups with thousands of members, and host the popular weekly podcast Expat Happy Hour. Rated number one in Places & Travel, IN TRANSIT with Sundae Bean. Formerly known as Expat Happy Hour, it has enjoyed a top 5% global rank for five years straight.

American by birth, Swiss by marriage, and expat in South Africa by choice, I live with my husband and two children. When not calculating time zones, I carve non-negotiable self-care space to run, box, read nonfiction, cook badly, and play.

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